Saturday, February 22, 2014

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Fighting Life: Mma Elite Talk About The Sport's Small Window Of Opportunity

If I wanted to just make money, I'd go be a stock broker. I'd go sell real estate because there are a lot of other ways I can make money. I'm not a guy who has to fight to make money. There are a lot of other things I could do in that regard. "The lifestyle itself is tough, and the career span is very short. You have to train for five years before you get good enough to get your name out there. Then you have to bust your butt even more once your name gets out there and continue to do well and have success if you want to push your career further. When you do get there, it's a long time coming for a very short window." Gregory Payan/Associated Press As Henderson explained, fighters travel a long and winding road just to reach the top of the sport, to achieve a status that is very difficult to keep. Champions come and go at a rapid rate in MMA, and very few are ever able to establish a longevity as a titleholder. Over the past seven years, the UFC has had a few come along, but none were bigger or more dominant than welterweight king Georges St-Pierre and pound-for-pound phenom Anderson Silva. Both men established monstrous reigns atop their respective divisions as they raised the bar for what it means to be a champion at the highest level of the sport.
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

creative Recipe Scrapbooking

A scrapbook compiling family anecdotes, chronicling events, and conveying the tone and feel of your clan is surely a great way to pass memories through the generations. Long before scrapbooking was a verb, women passed cherished recipes along in much the same way. So it is no great surprise that recipe scrapbooking has evolved as the next great homemade family heirloom.

Recipe scrapbooks will often be smaller than the 12 x 12 albums used for other scrapbooks, because of the function that they serve. A recipe scrapbook may sit on the counter during dinner prep, or be thrown into your purse on your way to the market. Whether for your own use, or as a gift, making a recipe scrapbook is bound to result in a meaningful, personal, and highly useful creation.

Recipe for a Gift

One of my favorite gifts at bridal showers has always been the recipe box filled with index cards provided by the attending friends and family of the bride to be. Imagine how much more beautiful and personalized a recipe scrapbook could be. Along with recipes and ingredients, older and wiser women can include sage marital wisdom, family stories or funny quotes.

A recipe scrapbook could also make a great hostess, teacher or graduation gift. Each of these can be personalized in a different way. For instance, each family could provide the teacher with a recipe, and decorate a page for a whole class gift. If the book is for someone you don't know that well, using vintage style pictures of food taken from old cookbooks or wine bottles can make a cozy looking album. What graduate isn't in need of recipes, wisdom, a taste of home once in a while? I recommend including conversion and measurement charts in all your recipe books, for those fresh out of the nest, and the rest of us with faulty memories.

A Messy Kitchen is a Happy Place…

There are tons of resources that will provide food related quotes, themes, and even complete kits for your recipe scrapbook. A quote can provide a theme and a starting place. For example, "A Messy Kitchen is a Happy Place…This one is Delirious!"

Try this recipe for assembling your family recipe scrapbook. Start out with some vintage looking cardstock, or a blown up page from an old cookbook for your backdrop. Place your directions and ingredients on pages facing each other. Then use photos of your family cooking and eating to personalize the page. You may wish to journal comments from family members on their favorite dishes. Finally, get creative in your use of embellishments. Wine, food, and spice labels, pages from cooking magazines, or clip art can all be fun.

For families with long distance relatives, the recipe scrapbook can be a great way to communicate across the miles. Try making a one based on the region of the country where you reside. Wouldn't relatives in Cape Cod love to get a recipe book full of Southwestern recipes, post cards and family photos from their relatives in New Mexico?

Whether as a gift, a treasured family heirloom, or just a fun and creative way to cook, compiling a recipe scrapbook is a great way to use your cropping time. The inspiration, tools and methods are as endless as recipes themselves. So get cooking, and get cropping!