Thursday, December 22, 2011

OPI Cuckoo for this Color Swatch!

How are you?

Today I have for you a swatch of OPI's Cuckoo for this Color from their Fall 2010 Swiss Collection :)

This polish is teal, with teal/blue shimmer in it. It definitely looks like a true teal to me, not tilting too much towards blue or green. I took one photo in direct sunlight, and one in the shade outside. Indoors the color looks more like the photo taken in the shade, but the shimmer still comes through :) This is two coats, without topcoat.

Definitely click and enlarge this one. You can really see the shimmer :D

Very very pretty, I think! Are you guys still wearing darker colors like these, or are you shifting towards lighter shades as spring approaches? I'm in the middle, haha. Dark colors are too pretty to completely swear off :P Have a good day everyone :)


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