Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chanel Le Vernis Spring 2012- June Swatch+Review

Hello hello :)

Today is the second of the three swatches I'm doing of Chanel's Le Vernis Spring 2012 collection. From what I've seen around the internets, June seems to be the favorite of the three so far. It's a limited edition color, and an interesting shade.

I would describe June as a pastel orange, like those Creamsicle ice cream bars (mmm). And apparently my description was almost right, as Chanel describes June as a "pastel apricot" :)

I used two coats (no topcoat) and my nails lines were totally covered, unless of course, you're in direct sunlight like my picture below, which skews things hah. Very creamy formula--even when I messed up and dragged the mostly dry nail brush over a wet nail, the polish smoothed right out on its own. I have to say, Chanel polishes, of what I've seen, are idiot (me) proof!

Yayay :) I think June is my favorite of the three, I must say. Next up is May. Your verdict? Is this the polish you've got your eye on? I would really like to know! Or tell me on twitter :)


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