Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Peachy Pink Manicure!

 Heyyy :OOO

So, long time no see :) Swamped with school, plus I've been waffling over whether I should get a daylight lamp to use for my pictures here. Decisions, decisions...

Anyways, I've been painting my nails and taking pictures, so this is what I wore last week :) I'll update with recent pics soon.

My kind of ombre manicure. I noticed these three Essie colors were complementary, so I decided they would look cute together. Therefore, it's kind of an ombre manicure (though I didn't really plan it that way :)

The polishes I used are: Essie Van D'Go (1 coat), Essie Pop Art Pink (3 coats), Essie Haute as Hello (2 coats). And I used Northern Lights Holo Topcoat in Silver to give it some sparkle.

A very soft and girly manicure :) I didn't know Pop Art Pink was sheer though! It wasn't marked when I bought it haha. I would still recommend it though, it becomes opaque enough after three coats. Thanks for reading :)


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